Drone Operations

We maintain a large fleet of commercially available drones as well as custom built craft ranging in size from group 1 through large gas powered group 3 craft that can be tailored to specific payloads and missions. We can also provide detailed forensic analysis of drones both through a test and development lens as well analysis of operational data.

Engineering Services

Counter Drone provides engineering contract support to government and industry clients including US Strategic Command, US Space Command, Air Force Research Laboratory, Flex Force Enterprises, and others. Our primary technical focus in the C-UAS space is leverages Position, Navigation & Timing (PNT) technologies. We are also developing highly robust PNT assurance modalities for airborne autonomous systems.

Counter UAS Penetration Testing

Like it or not, we can defeat your C-UAS system. We have test range and operational experience with virtually all fielded C-UAS technologies and can show you how to improve the efficacy of your system across the engagement sequence from surveil, to detect, to track to defeat to exploitation.

Counter Drone

About Us

Counter Drone was founded in 2015 as an engineering firm focused on mitigating threats posed by drones. We have provided engineering consulting services to prisons and universities and currently provide contract support to the US Air Force and US Strategic Command. 

Counter Drone has been instrumental in the development, fielding, and operations of the most effective drone mitigating technologies available. Our expertise in autonomous navigation systems has helped propel the counter drone mission on the battlefield, supporting our war-fighters as they contend with this new and challenging threat.

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